Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cape Town Alive Interviews Audiophile 021


So Cape Town Alive recently pulled into our studio and sat me down for a little chat.. These guys are hilarious. Big Ups to them for the interview.. Follow the link to the full interview on the Cape Town Alive Site

Steve Elsworth AKA Audiophile021 is an unquantifiable music powerhouse.
A Sound engineer by trade, he spends most of his life enveloped in chords and rhythm. A DJ and producer - He perfectly marries solid production steeped in pure quality and original style, all the while making and playing tracks that rock a crowd to the floor boards.

Initially rooted in Rock and Metal, Audiophile021 quickly began flirting with electronic music, and his love affair with crunchy basslines and body-thumping drums rapidly grew into obsessive passion.

Audiophile021 has steadily amassed a music catalogue to put most to shame, and is set to take over with his blend of Glitchy, bit-driven dubstep, and heavily drum and synth laden deep techno. His unrivalled natural energy is the life force behind a man who is as prolific as he is talented, injecting his infectious personality into every release and mix.

As our office is conveniently situated next to the Red Bull Studios, we were pleased to get a chance to have a chat to a respected member of the Cape Town music scene.

CTA:Would you rather be a pirate or an outlaw?

Audiophile 021: I guess an outlaw, I have never really been one for boats. Besides outlaws still get to pillage and plunder and generally cause a rather large nuisance of themselves, whilst still on dry land!!!

CTA: Describe the sound you like to play?

Audiophile 021: I am addicted to bass, I love the energy it transfers to the dance floor and the way it affects the crowd. Deep wobbling basslines and moving percussion. I guess I am best known for my dubstep and minimal techno sets.

CTA: Are you limited to just your preferred genre's?

Audiophile 021: Not at all. I have a residency at the Waiting Room on Long Street, and there you will hear me play a variety of different music from Glitch to Hip Hop to Deep House and maybe even some rock thrown in for good measure!

CTA: Talk us through your involvement at the Cape Town Red Bull studio, and your role in the recording process.

Audiophile 021: I am the head engineer at the Red Bull Studio so I am responsible for the complete production of all music that passes through the studio. From the initial recording to the final mix and finally the mastering. Also because we deal with a lot of inexperienced and up and coming artists I tend to also act as producer to help them realise their artistic vision.

CTA: Who, in your opinion, is the most exciting artist to come through the studio this year?

Audiophile 021: Wow we have had so many. I just got to work with Akil the MC from Jurassic 5 - one of my heroes - so that was a great honour. I have also worked with Goldfish, Machineri, Captain Stu and Desmond and the Tutu's.. I guess Machineri as I love their energy and sound, plus they gave me a lot of freedom in the mixing stage.

CTA: With the emergence of laptop DJ's, do you think there is a bigger emphasis on producing your own music?

Audiophile 021: I think that people get very confused on this issue. Just because you have a laptop and some MP3's doesn't mean you are suddenly a DJ. It is a craft that takes time and patience to master. However, those of us out there making use of technology to further our creative depth and the enjoyment of our crowds tend to put a bigger emphasis on the production side as it serves to further entrench our name and profile and it also means we get to play more of our own material during our sets..

CTA: Opikoppi apparently was nuts… tell us about the festival and your set there.

Audiophile 021: The festival is crazy. It is like 35 degrees during the day and then it drops to around 2 degrees at night. There is so much going on and everyone is so friendly. It was my first oppikoppi so I was really excited about it. We were running our own stage which was incredible, the acts were all top notch and the energy from the stage was amazing. I played on the sunday after Biscope and before Spit Munky. The system was insane and my set went off. It was one of the best experiences of my carreer, I can't wait till next year!!

CTA: What's happening in the future for Audiophile 021?
Audiophile 021: I have a new E.P. release with On A Break Records at the end of the month, so I am looking forward to that. I also have a few big bookings coming up.. but I still have to keep them under wraps.. Other than that I guess just spending more time in the studio searching for that elusive perfect track

CTA: If you could choose any 3 artists to play at your birthday party, who do you pick?

Audiophile 021: Only three????? Well I guess - The Glitch Mob, Flying Lotus and The Engine Earz

CTA: Who are your favourite local artists at the moment?

Audiophile 021: Mshini Wam, PHFat, Biscope, SFR, Voice Tag, Killer Robot, Machineri, Twelv & Thesis, Dank, Mix & Blend, Sibot, Haezer, ... There are just to many talented South African acts to mention all of them. We really do have some of the most unique and cutting edge artists anywhere.. So get off your couch and go and check these guys out.. Support local music!!!!

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