Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Audiophile 021 - sSHADOWORKSs 30/30 Mix

sSHADOWORKSs - The History
Established in 2004, as a management agency for a handful of artists, sSHADOWORKSshas matured into a formidable platform behind the careers of over fifty of South Africa’s most cutting edge artists and djs. With a network of contacts that spans the globe, but always with its ear to the South African streets, sSHADOWORKSs is in the unique position to be able to offer the best in local electronic music to a worldwide market with services that encompass Event co-ordination and Tour Management, as well Artist placement and Festival programming.
As fiercely independent as the artists on its roster, originality and excellence rather than commercial success are the driving principles behind its approach. sSHADOWORKSsdefines itself through its constant search for the new and forward thinking talent that lies to the left of the mainstream, operating as always….behind the scene.
Dont Party and sSHADOWORKSs will be bringing you 30 mixes from 30 artists in 30 days. From dub to techno to trip hop to electro and everywhere in between, the mixes represent the breadth of scope of the new roster and a chance for you to familiarize yourselves with the old and new names included on it.

I am proud to present to you Audiophile 021's contribution to the 30/30 campaign. A gnarly mashup of deep growling bass and glitched out beats sliding through a sea of grimey wobble and filtered madness... Enjoy

Friday, October 29, 2010

Audiophile 021 - Red Bull Studio Live Rocking The Daisies Set

The deep-space, gnarly bass of Audiophile 021 on the Red Bull Studio Live Stage at Rocking The Daisies

Listen Up SA recently blogged a couple of the sets recorded at the Red Bull Studio Live Stage at Rocking The Daisies.. One of which was mine.. So here it is for your listening and downloading pleasure...

Audiophile 021 Live On The Red Bull Studio Live Stage @ RTD by Red Bull Studio CT

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Steve LAWLER - Gimme Some More Remix Contest

It is truly amazing what you can find just by randomly searching the internet.... This however, did rather interest me. Having bought more than a few Steve Lawler productions on vinyl over the years, I was stoked to finally get the opportunity to remix one of his tracks, and lets be honest the prizes for this competition are pretty awesome...

The competition is running until the 12th of November and is being judged in a number of criteria, however, the most important is votes. So take some time and have a listen to the track and if you like it vote for it here. If you really like it then hit me up via mail and I will send you a WAV... I present to you Steve LAWLER - Gimme Some More (Audiophile 021 Pushing Tin Remix)

Steve Lawler - Gimme Some More (Audiophile 021 Pushing Tin Remix) by Audiophile021

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nightmare on Long Street 3 - Zombies of Senator Park

They left you for dead last year, this time they’ve come back for the remains. Killer Robot revisit the gateway to hell for their annual dance on the dark side, A Nightmare on Long Street. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Quantum Mechanics Of Minimal Techno

As a latest mix offering I present to you String Theory, a multi layered journey through a minimal landscape of bits and bytes. Hosted on Soundcloud, this mix is yours to download and enjoy.

String Theory by Audiophile021


Audiophile 021

187 Lockdown - Gunman (The Audiophile 021 Capped Remix)

187 LOCKDOWN was Danny Harrison and Julian Jonah, a British Speed Garage duo. They produced one album entitled 187 which was released in 1998, with four singles released from it. The song "Gunman" sampled Ennio Morricone's "Sixty Seconds To What" from the film called For a Few Dollars More.  Back when I first started DJ'ing this was one of the tracks that helped solidify my love for electronic music. Here is my tribute to the legendary duo 187 LOCKDOWN, the Audiophile 021 Capped Remix

187 Lockdown - Gunman (Audiophile 021 Capped Remix) by Audiophile021

Saturday, October 2, 2010

When This Baby Hits 88 Miles Per Hour......

Back to the future we go!!!! However, in keeping with my glitchy, wobbly, WOMPING theme here is a fresh new themed track for you to enjoy...

Audiophile 021 - 88 Miles Per Hour by Audiophile021

Friday, October 1, 2010

Audiophile 021 - Quarter Mile E.P.

It's out, it's out, IT'S OUT......

The explosive new Dubstep album from Audiophile 021 is now available on Beatport and all reputable digital music sites.

It is a four track journey into deep dubstep, showcasing a variety of musical influences and marrying a number of unique sounds.. Cooked up over winter in the Red Bull Studio Cape Town, The Quarter Mile E.P. promises an auditory excursion deep into the mind of Audiophile 021.

Audiophile 021- Quarter Mile EP by On a Break Records

Audiophile 021 - Quarter Mile Beatport Purchase Link

Monday, September 13, 2010

Audiophile 021 and Jakobsnake, what you might call Indesriminate Fun!!!

So I recently got together in the studio with one of my closest friends, who also happens to be one of the most gifted MC's I know, and put together some Glitch Hopping, Glitch Stepping, just WOMPING madness for fun.... So here it is for you to download and enjoy!!!

Audiophile 021 - Indescriminate Short Lived Fun feat. Jakobsnake by Audiophile021

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Love My LFO

Pure Lfo Filth.. A Phat Down and Dirty mix full of flavour to get the party started, for all those who love bass... 

Audiophile 021 - I Love My LFO by Audiophile021

Summer In The City

Having been ridiculously inspired by the solid days of sunshine that our beautiful city granted us at the start spring, and with what promises to be an epic summer I dug deep into the crates and pulled together an ass shaking summer mix...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Grey Time

Existing in that special time between night and dawn, the grey time is the creative nirvana. At a time during which normal people slumber, some are hard at work "sucking out the marrow of life." So as inspiration struck I hit record and I give to you The Grey Time mix..

Audiophile 021 - The Grey Time by Audiophile021

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dubstep Set Madness

So I recently decided to troll my Soundcloud for some hidden gems, and I came across two sets I did last year.. So here they are in all there glory free for you to help yourself too.. I hope you enjoy them!!

LFO Progression Sessions 4

LFO Progression Sessions 4 by Audiophile021

I Fear 13 Dubstep Mix

I Fear 13 by Audiophile021

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cape Town Alive Interviews Audiophile 021


So Cape Town Alive recently pulled into our studio and sat me down for a little chat.. These guys are hilarious. Big Ups to them for the interview.. Follow the link to the full interview on the Cape Town Alive Site


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Glitch Mob Remix Contest - Drive It Like You Stole It

One of the most dynamic and impressive electronic acts of the moment - The Glitch Mob - recently launched their new album Drink The Sea. It has quickly become one of my favourite albums and most played on my ipod. However, the cherry on top (so to speak) was the announcement by them of an open remix contest.. The track is Drive It Like You Stole It - number eight on their album.

I thought christmas had come early and dove straight in, here is the finished result...

The Glitch Mob - Drive It Like You Stole It (Audiophile 021 Remix) by Audiophile021

Timbaland feat. So Shy - Morning After Dark Remix

So I've been on a bit of a remix tip recently and I came across this Timbaland track with a haunting feature by So Shy. It's not really my thing but I thought I might be able to give it a bit of Audiophile 021 flavour. Here is the finished product, I hope you enjoy it...

Timbaland Ft. So Shy - Morning After Dark (Audiophile 021 Dubstep Redux) by Audiophile021

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

AudioPhile 021 is a a producer, programmer and DJ living in Cape Town South Africa. No stranger to the demands of the industry AudioPhile 021 has been in the game for over a decade. Formerly the head engineer and lecturer at one of South Africa's leading Sound Engineering schools he now fills the position of head engineer at the Red Bull Studios and is on the forefront of cutting edge training and production techniques. In his own productions those techniques shine through, helping him to shape his unique sound and develop his highly textured sound palette. His work is a mixture of fat grimy bass lines and chunky beats with crisp textures and percussion. As a DJ AudioPhile 021 is no stranger to the decks. Having started DJ'ing whilst still at school, he has played extensively in and around South Africa, and overseas. With a distinct and unmatched style, this young up and coming star is as equally at home spinning a Dubstep set as he is behind his laptop dropping an energy filled live Minimal Tech set.