Sunday, October 24, 2010

Steve LAWLER - Gimme Some More Remix Contest

It is truly amazing what you can find just by randomly searching the internet.... This however, did rather interest me. Having bought more than a few Steve Lawler productions on vinyl over the years, I was stoked to finally get the opportunity to remix one of his tracks, and lets be honest the prizes for this competition are pretty awesome...

The competition is running until the 12th of November and is being judged in a number of criteria, however, the most important is votes. So take some time and have a listen to the track and if you like it vote for it here. If you really like it then hit me up via mail and I will send you a WAV... I present to you Steve LAWLER - Gimme Some More (Audiophile 021 Pushing Tin Remix)

Steve Lawler - Gimme Some More (Audiophile 021 Pushing Tin Remix) by Audiophile021

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