Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nightmare on Long Street 3 - Zombies of Senator Park

They left you for dead last year, this time they’ve come back for the remains. Killer Robot revisit the gateway to hell for their annual dance on the dark side, A Nightmare on Long Street. 

Para-psychologists working in the upper Long Street area have alerted us to alarming readings and unconfirmed sightings of dead relatives coming from the top end of Long Street. So pack your anti-zombie kit and don’t stray near the entrance to Senator Park, unless of course you’ve already sold your soul to the occupants...only you can prevent the portal from claiming us all.

The fearless zombie busting crew comprises KR residents Ivan Turanjanin, Bruno Morphet, Red Bull Studio’s own Audiophile 021 and reprising her stellar outing from Rocking the Daisies, Anthea Scholtz. Add to this eye popping gore on the big screen, massive sound and plenty of horrific decorative excess and you have the makings of one bloodthirsty bust up.

So barricade the doors, keep the flaming torches on standby and keep an eye on your uncle, you never know who’s been bitten. 

Your Hosts : Killer Robot

Venue: Fiction DJ Bar

Where: 226 Long Street

When: 29 October 2010

DJ's: Bruno Morphet

         Ivan Turanjanin

         Anthea Scholtz

         Audiophile 021

Killer Robot - Nightmare on Long Street Facebook Event Page

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