Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nit Grit - Babylon Remix Contest

Recently one of my favourite young artists Nit Grit made one of his tracks available for remixing. Not being one to turn down the opportunity at a remix I jumped on it, and must admit that I had a whole heap of fun doing it...  
Here is the end result..

NiT GriT - Babylon (Audiophile Remix) by ReGriT

Here follows the competition information for anyone who is interested. This copy comes from subsynthesis.com your place for bass....

Due to his dramatic rise in online popularity, California producer Nit Grit (Danny Beall) is constantly bombarded with requests by people asking him to listen to their music, comment on their songs, and other various attempts to make use of Nit Grit’s sharp increase in fame. Despite his resistance to participate in this type of online endorsement, Nit Grit is giving artists of all varieties a chance to create something new and original from one of his tracks; along with the guaranteed audience of the Massive Nit Grit fan-base. Free of charge, Nit Grit is giving away the stems to his hit track “Babylon“, with the request that anyone wishing to remix the track should have a finished product submitted by February 28th to Re.GriT@yahoo.com. Nit Grit has one of the largest online fan followings of any artist in bass community. Babylon is an extraordinary track to begin with, and the fact that Danny is giving away the stems for free is a magnificent gift to any producer in and of itself. Take my advice and jump on this one-time opportunity to participate in one of the most opportunity-laden remix competitions of the year!

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